In a world dominated by over-consumerism, finding meaningful and sustainable gifts can be a challenge. We may be in the business of selling products, but we’re also in the business of selling ideas, and we believe in the idea that sustainability and indulgence don’t have to be at odds. This holiday season, here are a few ways we embrace the joy of giving without compromising our planet (or breaking the bank). Check out these eight low-impact gift ideas that not only reduce our environmental footprint but also spread love and positivity.


1. Plants: Propagate Your Love

If you have plants at home, now is the perfect time to propagate them! Take clippings from your favorite pothos, monstera, or other happy houseplant and give it some time to grow. You’ll be ready to pot your new plant in an upcycled, thrifted or used pot just in time for the holidays. Your loved ones will be happy to have a homegrown potted pal AND an expert (you!) to ask care questions as needed. This gift will keep on giving by filtering the air and creating a calming energy in your loved one’s space. Fun fact: our beloved succulent “Jungle Lady” has been propogated and gifted more than 200 times!


2. Used Books: Stories with a Second Chapter

Head to a local Little Library or order from Better World Books for pre-loved literary treasures. Little Libraries all over the country have a "take a book, share a book" philosophy, so while you discover the gems on their shelves, be sure to bring some from home to leave behind. Used books not only tell stories but also contribute to the circular economy, minimizing the demand for new resources.


3. Sustainable Self-Care: Sunniemade Products

Explore our range of sustainable self-care products that are not only good for you, but also for the planet. We help you give the gift of a guilt-free pampering experience with plant-powered, plastic-free products and curated bundles for all preferences. Not sure what to get them? Ask your loved one to take our routine-builder quiz for no-guess gift-giving. 


4. Homemade Canning: Preserve the Love

Get creative in the kitchen and make homemade preserves, pickles, or jams. This year, we’re doing giardiniera and jalapeño jelly (we like it spicy!). All you need to can your concoctions are mason jars, lids and a pot of water, so it’s easy to make your gifts shelf stable for months. Add a personalized label, and voila! You've crafted a delicious, low-waste gift that reflects the time and effort you've put into it.


5. Made with Love: Handcrafted Gifts

Channel your inner artisan and create handmade gifts like knitted scarves, upcycled accessories, or any other craft you enjoy. Give your hands a break from screen time and your brain a new creative outlet and get crafting! Handcrafted items carry a unique touch, showcasing the effort and love you've invested. Our go-to is homemade ornaments – and there are endless ornament ideas to choose from every year!


6. Support Local Small Businesses: A Win-Win

Strengthen your community by supporting local businesses. Consider gifting bakery goods, meat from a local farmer, or visit your nearest refill shop for sustainable household items. For ideas, check out the vendor list at your local farmers market, or see what shops are on your neighborhood’s main street. It's a win-win, promoting economic growth while reducing the carbon footprint associated with mass production. This year, we’re stocking up on goodies from a nonprofit grocery store in town that carries products exclusively sourced from local farmers. 


7. Experiences: Quality Time Over Quantity

Instead of material possessions, consider gifting experiences. Tickets to a concert, a museum, play or even a spa day can create meaningful memories. Not only will your loved one appreciate the time together, they’ll love that you knew just the play, spa service or fave artist to take them to. Quality time spent together is priceless and contributes to a low-waste lifestyle. 


8. Causeworthy Gifts: Make a Difference

In lieu of physical gifts, consider making a donation to a charitable cause on behalf of your loved one. Choose a cause they are passionate about or already volunteer with to show your support of their efforts. Alternatively, support brands like Conscious Step, where each purchase contributes to various charitable organizations. It's a meaningful way to spread joy beyond the recipient.

This holiday season, shifting from materialism to mindfulness will go a long way for you, your loved ones, our planet and your wallet. By choosing low-waste, low-cost gifts, we can collectively contribute to a happier, healthier planet. Happy gift-giving!