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The Sunniemade Story

It all started in 2022 with a simple idea: it should be easy and fun to make sustainability a habit. I saw an opportunity to combat plastic pollution in personal care after learning that 95% of all plastic made is never recycled, and most shampoo, conditioner, and body wash is up to 90% water. I wanted to inspire people to make a simple swap: effective, nourishing, delightful products that aren't watered down. I got my start by making homemade bar soap in my kitchen and have since expanded to offer all the essentials for a plastic-free personal care routine.

Sunniemade is independently owned and grassroots grown, built from the ground up with small budgets, big ideas and lots of community support. I'm proud to be both the dreamer and the doer bringing this business to life.

Our mission is to make the world a little bit brighter — one bar at a time. We have big plans on the horizon and a lot more work to do. I hope you'll be a part of our story.

Sarah Spliethoff, Founder

Our Promise

We keep it clean.

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