Our new collection of plant-powered, plastic-free lip care is one of our most groundbreaking products yet. Why? These lip balms are packaged in small but mighty squeeze tubes. If you haven’t seen lip balm in a squeeze tube before, you might be wondering: why a squeeze tube? We’ll answer all that and more with our top 8 reasons you’ll love this lip care line.


1. Easy Squeeze

You can squeeze every last bit of balm out of this tube! The paper squeeze tube works just like a toothpaste tube but with no bottleneck – so no product goes to waste. The easy-squeeze design is also accessible to more finger sizes and abilities.

 2. Plants, Not Petroleum

While many lip balms are made with petroleum-derived ingredients (look for ingredients listed as “petrolatum,” “paraffin” or mineral oil) or contain animal products like beeswax, ours are both vegan and all-natural. Rather than using beeswax, we use candelilla wax, a vegan alternative that we find to be more hydrating than beeswax anyways.

3. No Plastic

These paper squeeze tubes eliminate single-use plastic, which can take 500+ years to break down in landfills and generate microplastics with each use. Plastic, especially when heated, can leach toxins into your product, so this ensures your lip balm stays non-toxic throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. 

4. No *Hidden* Plastic

Yes, we have to say this. There really is no plastic! Many products in “paper” packaging still contain plastic in the form of adhesives or laminates. If you can feel or see that there’s a glossy exterior to the packaging, it’s likely got a coating that contains plastic. A good way to tell if there’s hidden plastic is to find out if it's compostable. Any product that is truly organic (made from plants) will be home-compostable and will break down within a few weeks or months in a compost bin.

5. More Product

Our balms contain 40% more product than conventional tubes. So you’re getting more plant-powered pouts per tube than the standard drugstore balms.

6. Purse and Pocket-Friendly

The lip balm caps fit tightly on the tubes, creating friction that holds the cap on the tube for the long haul. You’ll find that these caps stay in place on the go, perfect for purses and pockets.

7. The Most Efficient Tube Out There

Compared to conventional tubes and paper push tubes, our squeeze tubes are more user-friendly AND more planet-friendly. More on that below! 


8. Formulated for Unique Needs

Our range of scents and actives allows you to select the balm that solves your lip concerns. If you’re suffering from cracked, sunburnt lips, Hello Aloe is here to help. If you want deep moisture and a subtle scent, go with Coco Quench. And for flower-powered lip care that nourishes lips holistically, Blossom Butter’s got your back.